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How Do You Get Guests To Mingle At A Wedding

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  • 16-08-2022
How Do You Get Guests To Mingle At A Wedding

How do you get guests to mingle at a wedding? Looking for ideas to help wedding guests get acquainted? Discover some of the ways to encourage your wedding guests to mingle. 

In this article we provide many ways to encourage all your guests to have fun together.

How To Help Wedding Guests Mingle

Below are some top tips and entertainment ideas for aiding you in getting all your wedding guests mingling in no time at all. Although the guests at your wedding are not strangers to you, a lot of your guests will not know each other.

This means you may need to plan ahead in order to have your wedding guests mingle. There may be important guests at your wedding who you would like other important guests to meet, so ensuring that there is a sociable atmosphere at your wedding is important.

It is common at weddings to have guests who know nobody at all or only a couple of people. These guests may need some special attention so that they feel included. 

How Do You Get Guests To Mingle At A Wedding?

Ways to Encourage Your Wedding Guests to Mingle

Start before your wedding day

One idea is to find a chance to break the ice between some of your guests before the big day gets started. This can ease some of your worries as a host, and it will also ensure that everyone at the wedding will have someone to talk to and socialise with.

Some perfect opportunities for this include stag and hen dos, engagement parties, and pre-wedding get-togethers. These occasions will allow you to make introductions to guests who may not have previously met anyone else.

Away from the intense pressure that weddings can sometimes cause, you will find that natural grounds of friends will form in no time.

Find common travel connections

Travel arrangements are a huge part of planning for any wedding. It is worth investigating the possibility of putting on your own transport for guests or organising some kind of lift system between guests coming to the wedding that live within easy reach of each other.

If you have any solo friends that would be travelling alone to the wedding, then you could arrange a minibus to ferry around groups of people from one location to another.

Transport is an excellent conversation starter, and when you're on a minibus travelling, there isn't much else to do other than chat.

Mix up the tables

One of the most common ways to get guests to mingle at weddings is to plan your seating arrangements very carefully.

You can group up your guests using their ages and their interests, instead of worrying about whether the guests knew each other beforehand.

For smaller and more intimate weddings, this can be an absolute necessity. There may not be enough space for the guests to sit only with other guests that they already know.

Ways to Encourage Your Wedding Guests to Mingle

Choose ice-breaking games

Unfortunately, mixing up the guests at each table is only half the battle when it comes to getting your guests to mingle with each other.

A great technique is to introduce ice-breaking games to each table in order to encourage your guests to chat with each other.

Other activities can be planned to get your guests to start chatting too. What about a treasure hunt or a table versus table trivia match? All the questions could be themed around the newlyweds.

Get your guests chatting

Get your guests chatting

Think about all the small details and topics that can get your guests chatting. Are your wedding reception table centrepieces eye-catching enough to get people talking? Does your wedding have a theme that requires the guests to dress up in a specific way?

Adding details such as these to your wedding provides your guests with instant ammunition for discussion. You can almost think of your wedding as a speed dating arena for your guests.

Some weddings will even set up a dedicated space created for the guests to mingle. This space can be used in between the ceremony and reception.

Identify An Introducer

When you are in the run-up to your wedding, you should ask one of your good friends or close family members to act as an introducer. They do not have to hold this duty for the entire day, but just dedicating an hour or two to introducing as many people as possible is a great idea.

Sit down with your introducer and give them a list of all the guests coming to the event. Explain who each guest is and their relation to you.

This gives you a great opportunity to highlight specific guests with who you would like to meet other attendees.

Hit the dance floor

Everyone loves to dance, especially at a wedding!

You want your guests to feel comfortable enough that they will get up and dance with each other.

Perhaps plan some kind of activity that will get everyone moving together to a song. Some weddings even have experts come in to give everyone a dance lesson.

There are many options available such as swing dancing, salsa, or ballroom.

Hit the dance floor

Say it with a badge

There are some couples that find that a fun way to create conversations is to have the guests wear small and tasteful badges. These badges can include the guest's name and their relation to the wedding couple. The badges will say things like 'friend from uni', 'co-worker', or 'auntie'.

The possibilities are endless. Elect a couple of members of the bridal party to be badge monitors. They can then pass around the badges as the guests arrive at the wedding's welcome drinks.

Of course, the guests do not need to wear the badges all night while at the reception, but they will definitely act as a great icebreaker when drinks are being served, and everyone is getting in the mood for wedding celebrations.

Keep on moving

Conversations will flow much easier if guests keep moving and mingling rather than just staying in one spit and talking to the same group for the duration of the wedding day. Most weddings will have the guests moving from one part of the venue to another, so this is a perfect opportunity. 

Arrival drinks can be held outside, with the ceremony happening indoors, then a move to a designated room for the reception meal, and finally another move for the speeches and dancing. 

This gives the guests plenty of opportunities to get themselves sitting with a new face or someone they haven't seen for a while for a chance to say hello.

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