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Planning A Wedding On A Budget

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  • 21-06-2023
Planning A Wedding On A Budget

Read our guide to planning a wedding on a budget. Wedding Venues Essex offer a wonderful tudor wedding venue located near Hadleigh, Ipswich, Colchester and Essex. We offer tips and advice for drawing up a wedding budget and how to plan a wedding for under £3,000.

How To Draw Up A Wedding Budget

It's time to establish your wedding budget and, more, to make a joint commitment to sticking to it. Don't forget the little costs, like the bouquet, wedding favours, and invitations, which range in price. Be thorough and realistic when estimating the overall cost; mention every expense. In case everything doesn't go as planned, budget a little more cash.

Setting a wedding budget is a difficult task. The largest and most expensive party you've ever thrown will probably be your wedding. To create a budget, you must add up your funds. Keep a thorough spreadsheet to ensure that you don't go over during the planning phase.

Be ready for unforeseen expenses, and be prepared to make significant concessions if you do go over your budget. It requires a lot of work, but investing the time and effort now will guarantee your happily ever after.

It's not as easy as checking your bank account to check your savings with your fiancé. The ideal situation is for both you and your partner to have living costs saved up; you might put that cash towards wedding expenses.

Organise your expenses into three columns in a spreadsheet: estimated, modified, and actual. Researching costs will determine the amounts under "Estimated", the offers from the vendors you will be entered under "Modified", and the amount you pay them will be included under "Actual". After phoning in the costs from the vendors, modify your estimations.

Start with the location because it is the largest component of the wedding and a key determinant of the number of guests. Verify if tax is included in the estimates that suppliers provide you. If not, amend the plan using your own calculations using local and state tax rates. Read the fine print before you sign contracts since costs that seem minor can soon mount up. Cut the line item if its sum exceeds your entire budget. 

Wedding Budget Checklist

Planning A Wedding On A Budget - Tudor Wedding Venue Hadleigh, Ipswich, Colchester, Essex

How To Plan A Wedding For Under £3,000:

 Wedding Venue Hire

Since it serves as the foundation for the whole day, your wedding location will always be among the higher-cost items on your budget. However, you'll want to cut your expenses as much as you can while organising a wedding for £3,000 in total.

Many affordable wedding locations are available for dry lease for about £400. Spaces at hotels or pub wedding venues are equally important to take into account. A small guest list and a smaller wedding budget go hand in hand; renting a room within the venue is a practical choice and will reduce your expenses.

 Wedding Catering

Wedding catering will be one of the most expensive aspects of your big day because you and your guests will need to eat regardless of your wedding budget. If you have many wedding guests, you may cater the event for £25 per person, especially if you go for a buffet-style BBQ or a sharing platter atmosphere instead of a typical sit-down wedding breakfast.

Two suggestions for cutting down on food costs are an afternoon of sandwiches or a casual pizza. This is a fantastic option if you've reserved a location without a kitchen, like a rural barn. If you've been lucky enough to find a wedding location that doesn't charge corkage, you can even consider having a BYOB (bring your own booze, for those who don't know).

This will save your catering expenses while also guaranteeing that everyone gets their preferred beverage. You may also think about having a twilight wedding, which starts later in the day. This only needs one meal to be served instead of a wedding breakfast, evening buffet, and canapes.  

 Wedding Cake

Finding an amazing wedding cake provider for £50 will need some ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking. But you do have alternative possibilities.

Although it might not be a gorgeous three-tiered marble wedding cake, there are a lot of main street shops that sell supermarket wedding cakes for around £50.

You can even buy artificial or real flowers to adorn your wedding cake yourself. By adding florals, ribbons, or a gorgeous wedding cake topper, you can make ordinary wedding cakes more memorable.

The wedding cake can help you save money on your wedding catering if you can find one big enough to assure each guest gets a portion. 

 Wedding Cake - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

 Ceremony Costs

You should prepare to spend between £400 and £500 on your wedding ceremony costs, regardless of whether your budget is £10,000 or £3,000 for your wedding.

If you're being married in a civil ceremony, this will cover the cost of the registrar and the marriage licence; but, if you're not, you'll need to pay for it.

 Wedding License

Couples planning smaller-scale weddings sometimes decide to have their civil union seen by one or two people, with the celebration taking place at a later date. If so, it's vital to set aside about £150 for your marriage licence in your wedding budget.

However, those choosing a civil ceremony will have their marriage licence fee included in their expenses, so it's worth taking that into account to save £150.

 Wedding Flowers

Speak to local florist wedding providers if you are on a tight budget. They will be able to tell you about your possibilities if you are honest with them about your situation.

You could decide to keep the bridesmaids' bouquets simple by choosing a single rose or flower for them to take down the aisle. The same can be said for the groomsmen's buttonholes and ushers' boutonnières.

Being versatile with your flower choices is another method to reduce the cost of your wedding flowers. Foliage is usually less expensive than blossoms. Budget-conscious people can always try making their own arrangements.

Wedding Flowers - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

 Wedding Photography

There are ways to get beautiful wedding photos on a budget. Yet it's difficult to find a professional wedding photographer or videographer for less than £1,000 because their professions encompass much more than the work on the day.

You might speak with a seasoned wedding photographer and ask to use them for a shorter period of time and for fewer images. After the ceremony, you may have some wonderful couple photos and images of your close family taken by expert wedding photographers.

You may think about approaching an aspiring wedding photographer or a college student. Since they are less experienced, trainees will often price much less than a professional. But keep in mind that you won't likely get the same quality of work as you would if you hired an established expert. One of the main areas to invest in on your wedding day is photography because the photos in your wedding photo book will serve as your permanent souvenir. 

 Wedding Stationery 

Spending on wedding stationery offers you plenty of options, but there are a few blunders to avoid, especially if you're on a low budget. When sending out wedding invites, keep in mind the cost of shipping for each one.

Hitched wedding invitations include designs that start as little as 86p per invite, making them affordable. You can also utilise the wedding stationery budget to commission a custom design that you can print and mail yourself. Another option for is to make electronic wedding invitations, which would reduce the cost.

 Wedding Outfits

Although it may not appear to be much, paying £300 for both your and your partner's wedding gowns is doable. High street retailers have improved when it comes to formalwear on a budget. ASOS, New Look, and Coast all sell high-street wedding dresses for under £100.

Companies such as Topman provide a wide assortment of reasonably priced wedding suits in a variety of sizes, including tall and plus-sized. Securing a bridal gown for roughly £100 and a high street suit for the same amount still leaves you with around £100 for shoes and accessories.

Wedding heels on the high street may start as low as £15 and you can even re-wear anything you already own. You know, anything borrowed can stand in for something borrowed from your closet

Wedding Outfits - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

 Hair And Makeup

If you are planning a wedding that cost less than £3,000, hair and cosmetics may be an area where you must cut down. If you want to do your own makeup and hair, there are lots of bridal makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and practise.

If you have a friend who is talented in hair and makeup, don't be hesitant to ask for help when it comes to crafting your wedding day appearance.

 Wedding Décor

If you're on a limited budget, wedding decorations might not be at the top of your priority list. However, the location you select may save you from having to pay for any decorations. If you are aware of this, keep in mind that your wedding budget may be somewhat constrained as you shop.

You may also utilise your creativity to make lovely wedding décor out of reused or homemade items. DIY instructions and wedding design guidance may now be found on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Botanicals and greenery also make lovely wedding decorations and can be bought from places like IKEA. If you're not feeling too creative, glass bottles of varying heights and candles can add to the atmosphere.

 Wedding Entertainment

A wedding band or DJ will cost you at least one-third of your whole wedding budget. There are, however, other options. You and your spouse can make your own playlist using apps like Spotify.

You may have a playlist that is mellower and more romantic throughout the day and then all of your favourite songs in the evening. Just be sure to keep a charger and a backup device close at hand. You might also create a shared playlist in advance. In this instance, each track will serve as a cheap floor filler.

Wedding Entertainment - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

Top Tips To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

It's challenging, but if money is limited, you'll save much by inviting fewer people to your wedding. You can have a small guest list throughout the day and then invite more guests in the evening.

Don't be afraid to ask for their help as a wedding present if you have a friend who is a great photographer, makeup artist or anything else you need.

Hopefully, they will be more than happy to help and play such a big part in your special day. Making things yourself may save you a surprising amount of money. Make as much of your own décor as you can, and think about getting help from friends and relatives. Just make sure to provide enough time for yourself. 

 Have The Wedding Out Of Season

Consider getting married outside of peak season or even on a weekday to save the expense of your wedding.

Couples may save approximately £5,000 by having their wedding in January or February as opposed to the popular months of June through August, according to Bridebook's 2019 Wedding Report.

By getting married on a Tuesday or a Wednesday rather than a Saturday, you might save even more.

Have The Wedding Out Of Season - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

 Buy A Bargain Wedding Dress

Choosing your dream gown is a crucial part of wedding planning. There are several alternatives, though, if money is an issue.

Even though high street retailers like ASOS all have their own bridal collections, you can also browse pre-owned bridal markets like Still White to get designer wedding dresses for less money.

 Print Your Own Wedding Stationery

The price of custom wedding invitations and the rest of your stationery can add up. But making your own might save you a tonne of money. You can buy templates on Etsy and personalise them yourself.

 Have Your Ceremony And Reception At The Same Venue

Besides eliminating any travel time between two sites, the growing number of wedding locations with civil ceremony licences can also help you save money on weddings. Win-win!

 Keep Your Wedding Intimate

Although it might be tempting to invite everyone you know, restricting the guest list to close friends and family can help you save a lot of money. You may save thousands of pounds by lowering this number by only 20 individuals.

So give it some thought and decide someone you can't fathom not being there on your special day. Would you miss your long-lost buddy or the former co-worker you feel obligated to invite over? Cut them from the list if they don't.

Keep Your Wedding Intimate - Planning A Wedding On A Budget

We hope this article helped you plan the perfect wedding reception. Are you planning a wedding in Suffolk or Essex? We offer a beautiful Tudor wedding venue located between Ipswich and Colchester.

Follow the link below to find out more about booking our wedding venue in Hadleigh, Essex.