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Traditional Wedding Reception Activities

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  • 26-07-2022
Traditional Wedding Reception Activities

Are you looking for traditional wedding reception activities? This article looks at the range of activities available to entertain your guests.

If you're looking for activities for your wedding reception, you've come to the right place. This article covers many memorable and exciting activities for your wedding from jenga towers to bird releases.

Traditional Wedding Reception Activities

Guest Book

The guest book is a way of helping couples record messages from everyone who was there to share their special day. The book is commonly passed from table to table during the wedding reception to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to sign the book.

In recent years, more modern alternatives to the guest book have become available. For example, a picture frame or poster that everyone can sign.

Creating video greetings for the couple is another modern alternative. Some couples use wishing wells that can have personal greetings thrown within.

Cake Cutting

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most anticipated and exciting activities at the wedding reception.

The couple will cut the first slice of the cake together and then feed each other a slice to symbolise their commitment to caring for each other.

As a way to make the cake cutting commemoration more unique, some couples opt to cut their cake with an unusual tool.

Military weddings may have the cake cut with a sword, or a beach wedding may have the cake cut with a jungle machete.

Traditional Wedding Reception Activities

Speeches and Toasts

Speeches and toasts are very common at all wedding receptions, but it is important that couples take care to ensure there is a limit on how many toasts are held so that the wedding guests do not get too bored.

Once the couple has been toasted, it is traditional for the couple to make a return toast to thank all the guests for attending the wedding and sharing all their special moments.

Emcee Duties

If you are planning on having a wide variety of activities at your wedding reception, it is very important to have a high-quality emcee who can make any necessary announcements, give instructions, and generally encourage everyone to take part in the fun.

Make sure that you have given the emcee the list of wedding activities and tell them when you would like them to be announced at the reception so everything can be kept on track.

Funny Photos

After all the dignity and formality of the wedding ceremony, the reception is a great time to let loose and take some hilarious wedding pictures. The newly married couple are free to pose in unique ways, and the guests can get involved too.

This is a fantastic way to record your wedding memories in style. Depending on your chosen photographer, they may also offer a photo booth for your wedding reception. 

This will offer everyone at the reception a chance to have a nice photo taken.

 These pictures will then be available to be downloaded from the photographer's website shortly after the event.

Bird Releases

Bird Releases - Traditional Wedding Reception Activities

The releasing of a white dove is a very symbolic activity that takes place during a wedding reception. Many couples use this type of event to kick off the festivities of their reception.

If you are planning to release doves at your wedding then it is vital that you use a trusted wedding dove coordinator.

This should be done to ensure that the birds are being treated humanely and to guarantee the moment will go as planned.

If birds are not right for your event, then there are other options available such as butterfly or balloon releases.


We can all agree that dancing is one of the most important parts of any wedding reception. It is traditional for the bride and groom to open up the dancefloor with their first dance.

Other traditional dances include the dance with the newlyweds' parents and the dance with the entire bridal party. There are some couples who go for heavily themed and choreographed dances, while others prefer something more casual.

As the night goes on, line dances and group numbers are popular as they involve everyone.

Cocktail Hour

A cocktail hour is a very popular part of modern weddings. The hour will take place before the main meal during the wedding reception. This gives the wedding couple time to meet all their guests, or they can use the hour between the ceremony and reception for additional photographs.

A great way to spice up a cocktail hour is by choosing a special signature cocktail for everyone to try. Wedding trivia games are another great way to get everyone involved and help everyone relax.

Candy Bars

Candy and dessert bars are a very hot trend right now at wedding receptions. The treats can be themed around the wedding's colours or motifs.

For example, autumn or beach-themed sweets. The guests will be provided with small boxes or bags that they can use for collecting treats as a unique and special wedding favour.

This part of the day is always a lot of fun for everyone involved, as well as being easy to customise for a couple's special day.

Candy Bars - Wedding Reception Activities

Bouquet and Garter Tosses

The bouquet and garter tosses are usually held toward the end of the wedding reception, as the couple is preparing to leave.

This is not an activity that every couple takes part in, and there are several alternatives available for those who wish to take part in something similar.

Some other options are handing the bouquet to the longest-married couple in attendance, or tossing out a faux garter rather than one that has actually been removed from the bride's leg.

Grand Exit

The moment of leaving the wedding reception should be a special moment for the newlyweds. It is traditional for the guests to throw birdseed or rice, blow bubbles, or wave sparklers as a way to wish the happy couple well as they leave the wedding reception and take their first steps together as a married duo.

Wedding Reception Lawn Games Ideas

Wedding Reception Lawn Games Ideas

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a carnival classic. Setting up a game of ring toss at your wedding reception is sure to bring everyone together and get the competitive spirit out of your guests. If you want an extra element of hilarity and flirty fun then give this twist on the famous game a go.

Write the names of all the guests and the bridal party on different bottles and rings, then you can use the game to see who gets paired with who.


Everyone loves the famous and classic block-stacking game called Jenga. The traditional tabletop edition of the game is certain to add a huge dose of fun and humour to any reception area, whether that is tented, indoor, or outdoor.

Alternatively, you could upgrade your set to a giant or life-size set of Jenga blocks. This adds a whole new element of fun, as your friends and family can build towers and then watch them fall apart.

Connect Four

Connect Four is another classic game that can be played in both regular sizes or with an oversized giant edition. This is a game that is likely to get a lot of attention from both the adults at the wedding reception and the kids.

The objective of the game is to place your tokens into the frame one by one, taking turns. The first person to connect four of their tokens either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins.

Corn Hole

Corn hole is the perfect lawn game to be played at wedding receptions where the couple wants the extra activities to blend well with the overall cohesive wedding décor.

The corn hole boards and bean bags can be customised specially for the day and the theme.

This way, your guests can play and have fun without the extra activities visually sticking out or becoming an eye sore.


Absolutely no one can resist a good old-fashioned game of croquet.

Especially when the sun is shining, you're surrounded by great people, and everyone looks so dapper.

Invite your guests to grab a croquet mallet and get a match of the classic game started on the lawn where the wedding reception is taking place.

This is another activity idea that can be easily customised for a wedding. Mallets, balls, and hoops can be custom-made or altered to fit the day's theme.

Croquet - Wedding Reception Activities


If your wedding reception has space for all the extra items that come along with the game, why not set up a badminton court? Not only is all the equipment light and portable, but the game is easy enough for absolutely everyone to get involved.

Guests of all ages can play. Whether the guests simply try to get a long rally going or if they play the game seriously, badminton is definitely going to be fun.

Bocce Ball

If your wedding reception has enough lawn space then you can very easily make yourself an area to play bocce ball. You don't need a full-court, that is not necessary. All you need to do is set up the balls and the score cards then your guests can figure out the rest.

The game originally gained popularity in Italy and then became a worldwide phenomenon due to the game's accessibility to all. No matter whether you are old or young, anyone can play bocce ball.

Giant Dice

Shake things up with a set of jumbo or giant dice. There is plenty of games you can play with these unexpected wedding reception feature.

They are perfect for bringing your guests together. Supply a hopscotch grid, and your guests can have a go at the playground favourite. Dice can also be used to make bets or Yahtzee.

Giant Checkers

This one is so simple but so fun. Get yourself a giant checkers mat so large that it could also work as a picnic blanket.

This will truly get the party started. You can also DIY your own mat and counters. Checkers is another game that is super accessible, meaning that everyone can get involved.

Activities to Entertain your Guests

Activities to Entertain your Guests

Fire Show Entertainment

One of the most explosive and exotic ideas for wedding entertainment is a fire show. These performances are ideal for country, coastal, and beach weddings. Fire shows can work at both indoor and outdoor events, with both presenting very minimal danger risks.

The performers will use props such as hula hoops and juggling pins, but with a major twist, all the props will be on fire.

This means the performers will be doing fire eating, fire poi, and flaming stunts. Though these shows can be expensive due to needing adequate space and insurance, they are absolutely worth it.

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are the perfect way to create a stylish send-off. Provide your guests with a ribbon wand in a colour that matches the rest of your wedding's theme and your wedding colours.

Ribbon wands are ideal for any season, but they look especially effective during the spring and summertime, this is when most couples plan to have their outdoor events.

Ribbon wands can also be used in the wedding ceremony or reception, as they are a fantastic accessory for flower girls.

Wedding Map

To ensure that your guests know exactly how to get to all of the wedding and celebration events that you have planned for your special day, give your guests a wedding map. These can be created either using online printing services, or you can even do it yourself.

Wedding maps can be drawn up in whatever style fits your wedding theme, and they are flexible enough to fit most budgets. Weddings maps are very popular with destination weddings due to most of the guests coming from another area or even another country.

This means they will have very little knowledge of the area, so a map can come in handy. Wedding maps are perfect for sharing locations and details about where the ceremony, reception, and more will take place.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Why not start the wedding ceremony off with a bit of booze to get everyone in the festive feeling. Many couples will offer pre-ceremony cocktails as a way to get the wedding guests to celebrate immediately upon their arrival at the occasion.

This is an especially good idea at weddings with warm weather. A pre-ceremony glass of champagne can be offered as an alternative.

Wedding Piñata

These are not the same pinatas that you will remember from all the childhood parties that you went to. Wedding pinatas are created in the most incredible colours in absolutely stunning designs.

The look of the pinata can be customised for almost any theme and any type of wedding event. The pinatas can be filled with small wedding favours, sweet treats, or even small plastic alcohol bottles.


Wedding karaoke is quickly becoming one of the most popular options of entertainment for wedding receptions. If you are planning on using a karaoke system for your wedding, we would recommend hiring and working with a karaoke band.

This way, you can curate a special set-list based on the guest's preferences. You can get the karaoke started late into the night at the wedding reception and just let the guests jump on stage and perform when they are ready.

Guests might need help with lyrics, so you might want to set up some kind of screen or projection.

Children Corner

Keeping children happy and entertained at weddings can be an absolute nightmare, but if done correctly, it can be a task that is fun as well. A lot of weddings will create a children's corner packed with toys, games, colouring-in pages, snacks, and other activities.

This will keep the kids happy and busy while everyone else is enjoying the reception. Some couples will even go as far a to provide a babysitter or two to watch over the children's corner while the parents eat at their assigned table or boogie on the dancefloor.

Surprise Wedding Dance

Weddings in modern times are all about being unique and ditching tradition for something completely new. This is why so many couples shake things up by surprising their guests with a wedding dance out of nowhere.

This makes for a very memorable and fun event. Couples will usually start their first dance with something quite sloe and traditional and then, without notice, break into something more modern and upbeat.

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