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Tudor Wedding Venue Near Me
Hadleigh, Ipswich, Colchester, Essex

Are you looking for a country house Tudor wedding venue near me? Our Tudor country house is located on the border of Sussex and Essex. Our beautiful Hadleigh venue is in easy reach of Ipswich and Colchester.

Our Wedding Facilities

Priory Hall is able to play host to any size wedding you may be thinking of having, our venue allows for a large number of family and friends to be with you and celebrate your unity, we have the perfect space to provide everything that you may need on your wedding day.

You can have access to the venue from 1 pm the day before your wedding to 12 pm the morning after and will have a team of 6 or more people helping you complete any tasks you may need help with; this does not include the suppliers.

Wedding Venue in Hadleigh

The Tudor hall can fit up to 120 guests comfortably for all weddings and civil ceremonies, and you have the use of an iPod player for music if required and an adjacent cloakroom.

We have formal and informal grounds throughout our site which provide the perfect natural backdrop for photographs, reception drinks and generally a good time, we can also provide your guests with some lawn games for even more entertainment.

Wedding Venue in Hadleigh

Our venue has a large space for overnight parking which can cater to all of your guests as well as a customised cash bar run by a local pub owner. Our party facilities include the Tudor Hall itself and the adjacent walled gardens, which are a beautiful place to celebrate.

We can also provide a full and comprehensive list of recommended suppliers and accommodation in the local area on request.

These are just some of the things that we can offer to you and your guests on your wedding day, Priory Hall really is the perfect place to hold your wedding, and we are always happy to go the extra mile to make your day that little bit more special.

For a full list of how we can help you further and for any more information, please do get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Here are just a few of the facilities we have here at Priory Hall: 

  • We provide umbrellas and blankets for cold or rainy wedding days
  • Floodlights
  • An evening bar which can be customised to fit in with your preferences 
  • A separate room for the kids to play in, or babies to feed in, or to give anyone elderly a break from all the loud commotion. 
  • Games on the lawn
  • Reception drinks
  • Beautiful grounds for your wedding photography


This is entirely your choice; for example, some people wish to have a wedding where children don't come, as it can be tiring and quite boring for them. However, we do have facilities for children to keep them occupied if having a child-free day isn't possible.

Whilst dogs aren't banned from the premises, it is preferable to have someone dog-sit for you, as they aren't allowed in the marquee itself, and the weather conditions may not be suitable for your dog to sit in all day.

You can have any music you wish in the evening, or you can have an entertainer come on the day. Although, you can't have any loud music outside of the actual marquee as it may disturb people.

You can have confetti on your big day; however, it just depends on what confetti it is. You can't have paper or shiny confetti, only bubbles and dried flowers are allowed.

Once you enquire about Priory Hall, we will give you the accommodation list regarding the local hotels and cottages within walking distance, and any other information you require.

No, there are no rooms on-site; however, there are some stunning hotels and cottages around Priory Hall, within walking distance. When you enquire about Priory Hall, we'll give you an accommodation list.

Typically, many suppliers do visit Priory Hall in advance to check out the venue and get some ideas. This includes photographers and caters so they can get a feel for the surroundings. Also, family members are more than welcome to come and visit to get a visualisation for the theme and amount of space.

This will depend on what type of fireworks you wish to have. For example, you are more than welcome to have quiet and smaller fireworks. Larger and louder fireworks can't be used as we have animals on-site

If you wish to bring your own alcohol to the venue, you can, but you must make sure that it is all removed at the end of the day. For more information on this, please get in contact with us.

You are more than welcome to choose whoever you want to be your caterer, but we do have a recommended list for you to choose from if you are struggling. Our caterers know the venue and spend a lot of time there, which will help on the big day.

We are more than happy to assist you wherever possible for your big day and give you a list of suppliers we know who also know the venue and our staff well. However, wedding planners themselves are usually hired separately.

If you break anything in the venue, or anything is damaged or vandalised, then it will be your responsibility to pay for it.

Yes, we can organise a cash bar for you, as Priory Hall has a premises license. If you want to do your own bar, it is important to talk to us so we can give you some information.

You can't park outside the hall; however, there are plenty of parking spaces outside entrances where you and your family can park.

Yes, we can organise a cash bar for you, as Priory Hall has a premises license. If you want to do your own bar, it is important to talk to us so we can give you some information.

We don't have cooking facilities or refrigeration here; however, there are electrical facilities in the marquee, including plugs and tables.

Yes, you can have access to Prior Hall the day before the wedding from 1 pm. This includes getting your bits and pieces in the room and ensuring everything is just how you want it. Your hire is for three days.

On your big day, you can use whichever outside areas you wish, including our gardens, lawns and orchards; there's also our knot-garden. We do have lots of nice walks as well, such as through the woods and around the lake; however, it can be very muddy.

Here at Priory Hall, we want to make your big day as special as possible; however, we don't allow sky lanterns to be let off.

We have a standard table which can be used as a long top table and a cake table, which is 4ft, and a table for your wedding cards, which is around 3ft. Then, for the guests, we have:
-6 round tables seating around nine people
-7 round tables seating around eleven people
-2 round tables seating around fourteen people

There is a lot of water around Priory Hall, including fountains and lakes, which does mean that children have to be supervised at all times. Around the grounds of Priory Hall, there are uneven brick steps due to how old they are, but you can access the hall without using the steps.

All entertainment and serving alcohol at the bar finishes at 11:30 pm, so usually, people tend to leave at midnight.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Priory Hall, or you would like to book your big day with us, here is how you can get in touch:
Give us a call on 01473 823 185 or 07711 321 907
Send us an email: {email_number}.

We do provide a lot of extras for you, here at Priory Hall, which include:
-2 Easels
-3 High Chairs
-Uplighting and Ceiling Lights in the Marquee
-Space Heater for the Marquee
-Wooden Chairs for the Hall
-Lime-Washed cream chairs in the marquee
-Chairs, Tables and Benches throughout the Gardens

If you are looking for a  Tudor wedding venue near Ipswich and Colchester contact Priory Hall today.

Our Tudor country house is located on the border of Sussex and Essex in beautiful Hadleigh.

Call 01473 823 185 to find out more or complete our contact form with an enquiry.