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Visiting Essex in the Spring Time

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  • 16-02-2023
Visiting Essex in the Spring Time

Are you planning a spring wedding in Essex? We look at what you can expect from visiting Essex in the spring time. 

Wedding Venues Essex offer a beautiful Wedding Venue located in Hadleigh, Essex. We share the many beautiful things to discover this springtime. 

Beautiful Essex places to visit in the spring

The Gardens of Easton Lodge

If you can believe it, these beautiful and historic gardens date all the way back to over four hundred years ago. Over all those years, the garden's most illustrious owner was the Countess of Warwick. The mistress of King Edward VII. 

A popular designer from the time, Harold Petro, was commissioned by the Countess to produce the jaw-dropping gardens that we know now. Unfortunately, in 1950, the gardens were abandoned and forgotten about for around forty-five years once the house that the gardens were part of was destroyed. 

In 1993, a hugely ambitious restoration initiative began, and that is why the gardens are still standing and look fantastic today.

Visitors are welcome to have picnics in the gardens, and there are various activities for children to take part in. Dogs are always allowed too!

Colne Valley Railway

The Colne Valley Railway is a historic railway site found on the Essex-Suffolk border around Castle Hedingham. 

Here you can take a trip on board an expertly restored carriage, built to be as traditional as possible, and find yourself transported years back in time to the age of steam. 

There is also the option to ride along in a traditional diesel railcar, which allows you to watch how the train driver controls the systems.

There are plenty of activities for families to enjoy at the Colne Valley Railway, including the ridable miniature railway, the interactive museum, a beautifully rendered model railway, and an educational woodland trail.

 Visiting Essex in the Spring Time - Wedding Venue located in Hadleigh, Essex.

Colchester Castle

This is an absolute must-visit for anyone who describes themselves as a lover of all things history. Colchester Castle is of the UK's most significant cultural sites and is the largest Norman Keep across all of Europe. 

The castle was initially constructed on top of the foundations for the Roman Temple of Claudius; these days, the site is known as the Castle Museum, which is home to a variety of different archaeological collections. This includes some of the most striking Roman finds in the history of Britain.

The castle is a perfect day trip out that will suit the entire family. You can even go through the history of the site on your phone by downloading the Ancient Colchester App.

Sea Life Adventure

This is a whole lot more than your average aquarium; this is a zooquarium! Sea Life Adventure is home to over forty different types of animals from all over the globe. Everything from creatures found in the deepest depths of the sea to creepy crawlies that are only found in the warmest savannas. 

If you're looking for knowledge, then Sea Life Adventure offers interactive talks with experts who can give you all kinds of fun facts and information about some of the planet's most wondrous animals. There are all kinds of activities for all ages to get involved with at Sea Life Adventure.

Stansted Mountfitchet

Stansted Mountfitchet is a small village dating all the way back to Saxon times. You can find Stansted Mountfitchet within the Uttlesford district, not too far from the Hertfordshire border. Without a doubt, the village is best known for being home to Mountfitchet Castle. 

This castle offers you the opportunity to travel back to Norman, England, in 1066. The ten-acre site can be wandered and explored at your own pace as you take in the atmosphere and ambience of a lifestyle and culture that no longer exists. You might encounter some animals on your visit, which love to be handfed by kind guests.

Hollytrees Museum

Tucked away within the wonderful grounds of Castle Park, the Hollytrees Museum is a stunning Georgian townhouse that dates back to 1718. Inside the museum, you can experience three hundred years of history through exhibits and displays of the town's arts, clothes, domestic items, and toys. 

The museum has an enchanting collection of dolls' houses which are used to tell stories about the history of the town. Did you know that Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was written here? Learn all about it within the museum.

Admission is completely free! But keep in mind that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Old Macdonald’s Farm

Located within Brentwood Essex, Old Macdonald’s Farm is a fun park with both indoor and outdoor activities for younger children. 

This location makes it ideal for a spring day out in the sunshine! If your children are fans of animals, then Old Macdonald’s Farm has a petting zoo with some classic farmyard favourites such as chickens, horses, cows, and pigs. 

There are also a variety of non-traditional farmyard animals, such as llamas, tortoises, and meerkats!

Aside from the animals, there are plenty of other activities, such as the train and tractor rides, the roller coasters, and the award-winning Fun Facts Trail.

Old Macdonald’s Farm - Visiting Essex in the Spring Time

Weald Country Park

On a warm and bright day when the sun is shining, we would recommend taking a visit to Weald Country Park. Here you can explore over five hundred acres of woodland, meadows, and lakes. 

The area is famous for its incredible wildlife, which is highly varied; you might even spot some deer. If you are visiting the park for the views, then you absolutely need to drive up to the Northern end of the park. This area offers the best sights and is ideal for a family picnic.

For cyclists hoping to experience the park, there are set cycling adventure paths which will guide you around the best spots of the park. The site's visitor's centre also serves hot drinks and ice cream for any guests who are in need of refreshments.

Colchester Zoo

You are never too old to enjoy a trip to the zoo, and Colchester Zoo is one of the UK's oldest. The zoo is home to over one hundred and eighty different species of animals of all varieties. 

Some of the latest enclosures include a walk-through butterfly house and a state-of-the-art enclosure where you can find two exotic sun bears originally found in Asia. 

There are plenty of other opportunities to get face-to-face with other animals too, such as giraffes, ostriches, white rhinos, and even the hair-raising komodo dragons.

For younger children, there are soft play areas around the zoo where they can use their imagination to immerse themselves in the depths of the jungle or in the immense heat of the desert. 

They can even have their face painted too so that they can look exactly like their favourite critter.

Colchester Zoo - Visiting Essex in the Spring Time

Barleylands Farm Park

No matter what the weather turns out like this spring, Barleylands Farm Park is always perfect for a family day of fun. Children love being introduced to all the farmyard friends that call Barleylands home, such as little lambs and goats. 

All ages will enjoy watching professional birds of prey displays that you can't find elsewhere in the local area. Indoors you can find the play barn, which is sure to encourage all kinds of soft play adventures.

During special holidays such as Easter and Halloween, the farm park holds special events, so be sure to check what is in store in the near future.

Saffron Walden

Located in North Essex, Saffron Walden is an old historic market town which we would highly recommend for a day trip out. 

Have a wander down the streets of the town, where there are plenty of shops to peruse and cafes to dine at. If you wish to learn more about the town's history, then take a visit to the museum, which is found just behind the ruins of the 12th-century Walden Castle.

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