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Which Style of Wedding

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  • 11-05-2021
Which Style of Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, you may be considering; Which style of wedding is right for me? Find out how to choose Your Perfect Wedding. Try our quiz below to help you decide precisely what wedding styles you both want or definitely do want.

The most common questions we ask ourselves when planning a wedding are listed below, and it can be challenging to decide when you have so many ideas but need some inspiration.  

How Formal, or Not, Should Our Dream Wedding Styles Be?
What Are Our Wedding Priorities?
What Are Our Ideal Wedding Wants?

Try our quiz below to help you decide precisely what wedding styles you both want or definitely do want. Write your answers down and then compare the list. It will help you have inspiration and a clearer picture of what you both want to plan. 

As the host of a Tudor wedding venue in Essex, we have learned a lot about what makes the perfect wedding venue. Take our quiz below to see what wedding venue is right for you.

Perfect Wedding Quiz:  Which Dream Wedding Styles do I choose?

1. Whenever we are invited to a black-tie wedding, our first thought is: 

A. Yeah, we both love dressing up to look glam
B. Great, but what do we both choose to wear
C. Oh no, we hate all that formal dressing up

2. Our ideal wedding theme decorations would be?

A. Masses of beautiful fragrant wedding flowers, delightful table linen with candlelight.
B. Lanterns for ambience and loads of wedding photographs of us both
C. Not really bothered, we don't have a preference

3. Our ideal wedding theme venue is:

A. A beautiful hotel with opulent decor
B. A country house or a barn conversion
C. We'd love our wedding in our own back garden

4. The wedding food we would like is: 

A. A formal sit down wedding meal
B. Laid-back finger buffet or afternoon tea
C. Mobile food vans or hog roast

5. Our wedding theme outfits should include:

A. Black tie and tiara
B. A flowing wedding gown for me and a suit for him.
C. Informal, casual and no killer shoes

6. Our usual style of dress is:

A. Designer and sophisticated look
B. Practical and sensible
C. Laidback and free and easy

7. The thought of seeing family and friends dressed up:

A. No change there then
B. Would be nice to see them in their finery
C. We don't want to imagine it

8. On our wedding day we want to:

A. Feel extra glamorous and elegant
B. As comfy as possible
C. Can we get married in P.j's

9. We tend to dress up:

A. At every available opportunity, in fact, we don't need an excuse 
B. Only when the occasion requires us to
C. We can't remember the last time we dressed up

10. Under no circumstances do we want our wedding theme to be:

A. Laidback and casual theme
B. Too solemn and traditional
C. Over the top glamorous

Which style of wedding is right for me? Perfect Wedding Quiz

What Are Our Wedding Priorities?

From the following list, choose three things that are absolute must-haves for your wedding.

  • 1. A unique wedding venue 
    2. A quirky and different wedding menu
    3. A location handy for everyone to get to
    4. A dance floor full of all our friends and family
    5. Excellent first-class wedding entertainment
    6. Superb top-class food
    7. Our own personal wedding touches around the venue
    8. Beautiful bridal wedding flowers and arrangements in our colour choice
    9. A massive list of wedding guests
    10. Summer when we hopefully have lots of sunshine, and the weather is less inclement
    11. Unique, different details and features that we haven't seen at other weddings we have been to
    12. A wedding ceremony that has meaning for us
    13. We want to get married abroad
    14. Exquisite different desserts and cakes
    15. An entrance or exit that is unforgettable and different
    16. a unique, different venue

Narrowing Down Ideal Wedding Themes

Sometimes it isn't possible to have everything you want. Use this quiz to help you prioritise what's most important to you both.

  • 1. Loads of wedding guests or top quality wedding food?
    2. Location further afield or nearer to home for convenience?
    3. Over the top wedding flowers or a more expensive wedding photographer?
    4. Hiring several different vendors or an all-inclusive venue?
    5. Spring or summer wedding day or Autumn or winter wedding?
    6. Have lots of time to plan the big day or get wed as soon as possible?
    7. More money to spend while on your honeymoon or an expensive designer wedding dress?
    8. Ceremony that is none religious or a full-on religious wedding?
    9. DJ or live band for wedding entertainment?
    10. Get married and go straight on the honeymoon or enjoy the whole wedding day and night and go a few days later?
    11. Do you own décor or use a vendor to buy or rent from?
    12. Recorded music or live music for the wedding ceremony? Some couples choose a choir or a singer.
    13. Plan and book everything yourselves or us a wedding planner?
    14. Church, register office or officiator at the wedding venue? 

Wedding Options

Country House weddings

These idyllic country surroundings usually allow for weddings with a glamorous feel. You can make this style of the perfect wedding venue as low key or as high class as you both want for your big day.

Black tie weddings

This perfect wedding theme is a day-long event with the feel of a real elegant cocktail party with opulent surroundings. All your guests dress in black tie and gowns with sophisticated flair and design. 

Hotel-package weddings

This type of option is perfect if you want everything held under one roof and all the catering and entertainment provided. It is also ideal for any guests that wish to find overnight accommodation.  

Alternative weddings

Perhaps you would love to get married up a mountain or on the top of a double-decker bus. An alternative wedding is as far away from tradition as it is possible to take it. 

Castle weddings

If you would like a perfect dreamy wedding theme location where you can feel like a king and queen, a castle wedding is perfect.  

Festival-style weddings

These weddings are full of fun, bright colours and vibrant, they can be held in a converted barn or even wedding yurts, great if you are perfect for festival lovers.

Marquee weddings

If you don't want a hotel or indoor venue constraints, a marquee wedding can be held almost anywhere from your parents back garden to a secluded beach. 

City weddings

You would choose several locations for a city wedding, usually a pub for a drink, a bistro for food and photographs taken at your favourite landmark. Less traditional and quite often for a small number of guests.

Destination weddings

The world is your oyster, and your destination wedding can be held almost anywhere in the world. Most destinations have wedding planners for hire to help with the planning of your big day.

We hope this wedding quiz has helped you answer the questions regarding: Which Style of Wedding do I choose? We wish you all the best in planning your wonderful day.

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